Quick Wednesday Update

Not a whole lot new, so this should be quick. Corinne is using more and more new words every day, which is amazing. She still has not learned the word “no”, which is even more amazing.

We’ve started on what will hopefully be a short campaign to get Corinne to fall asleep in her crib instead of on or next to one of us. Last night was hard, and I’m sure there will be times when both Raelene and I falter. But it’s for the best, especially since we could easily end up creating life-long sleep issues for her. That would not be good.

Raelene’s back is doing better, but she’s still in quite a bit of pain. Please keep sending her healing thoughts and energies.

Our friend Maggie, who recently had a melanoma removed, is now cancer free. They got it all, and the cancer did not have a chance to spread. This is very good news. 🙂

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