It’s almost the weekend!

It’s almost the weekend. Yay!

Here’s a quick update of the past week. On Wednesday Raelene took Corinne to the beach, and Corinne absolutely loved it. She loves running around in the water squealing. After the beach was the Pt. Richmond Farmer’s Market, where Raelene finds all sorts of wonderful produce. The baby slept really well that night, although unfortunately Raelene did now. So Thursday was a fairly quiet day. Wednesday night I also went out on neighborhood watch, where a group of people in the neighborhood wander around the streets at night ready to call the police if they see something. Crime is getting so bad we really have no choice.

Saturday is easily our busiest day of the year. So busy that we’re only doing a fraction of all the things we could (and should be doing). We have two weddings, a wedding reception, a birthday party, and a game Con on the schedule. Yikes! We’re being very diplomatic, however, and attending those functions that we knew about first (one of the weddings, followed by the night session of the game Con for me). It’s going to be a busy day.

Sunday should be quiet, our only plans are to watch another toddler that evening. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some house stuff done early in they day, before it gets too hot. And that’s about it. Next update, Monday!

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