Fireworks, Injuries, and Sleep Training

Wow, what a weekend!

I had Friday off, which meant I was on baby (and nap) duty most of the day. Corinne was an angel, as she always is even when she’s throwing huge screaming fits. She also napped fairly well in her crib, with minimal coaxing back to sleep on my part. Friday evening is when the City of Richmond did their fireworks show, so we decided to attend a free symphony down on the waterfront and watch. The line to get in was long, but once inside it wasn’t that crowded. The symphony was enjoyable, and the fireworks were amazing. It has been a while since I’ve seen a fireworks show close up, and I’d forgotten how cool they could be. Corinne watched the show curled up on my chest, and every time something exploded she would say “again.” It was amazingly adorable. Once the show was over she was asleep before we left the venue, and ended up sleeping until almost 4AM. Nice!

On Saturday we puttered around the house, and I grilled dinner. Once the sun set the explosions around us began, freaking out the animals and setting off car alarms up and down the street. There were some fairly impressive private shows, and if I wasn’t so worried about the entire neighborhood going up in flames as people fired off mortars into the air and at parked cars I’m sure I would have enjoyed it. 🙂 As it was the police patrolled the neighborhood fairly heavily, which at least made people slow down some.  Corinne slept through it all, mostly because we had both sources of white noise we use to help her sleep were turned up to 11.

On Sunday Raelene re-injured her back, and was out for most of the day. So it was mainly Corinne and I hanging out. Corinne took several long naps, but ended up waking up a half dozen times throughout the night and had to be coaxed back to sleep. Overall the sleep training seems to be working, though. She is fighting naptime less most of the time, and is spending less time in bed with us at night. She’s still waking up every hour or so, though, and there’s no end in sight for that. 🙁

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