Ants and fussy baby

We’re not sure if Corinne has a cold or allergies, but she’s been stuffed up since yesterday and was really cranky last night. We tried to watch Corline, but were only abled to get about half way through because she kept waking up and calling out for her Daddy. Corinne also ended up sleeping curled up next to me all night, which is always sweet and wonderful but also bad for the sleep training.

We’re also still battling ants, although that’s mostly Raelene because she’s home the most. So far they haven’t found anything too appetizing, just Andre’s food bowl and a damp cheerio in the bathroom. We’re being ever vigilant, taking care of every ant we see with extreme prejudice. I think ants are the only one of God’s creatures that Raelene will kill instead of tossing outside.

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