Wednesday Update

There really isn’t much of an update for today, things are humming along more or less just like they normally do. This weekend is going to be busy and fun. On Saturday I’m playing in my monthly Godlike game, and since we play at my favorite local game store I am also going to be able to take advantage of this years free RPG dayofferings. I hope to score the Geist preview and maybe even one of the Q-Workshop dice (although those are probably going to go missing once again this year). Sunday is Father’s day, and the present I asked for was to sleep in. I usually get up with Corinne on the weekends so Raelene can sleep in, so this is going to be a nice luxury. Thank you Sweetie! I’m also going to make and grill some vegan sausage, and hopefully take the family out shopping for a new Elmo for baby. Sound like fun? I think so. 🙂

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