Last night I was holding Corinne, helping her to fall asleep like I do every night, when suddenly she bolted up and started looking around. That’s actually not that unusual, she sometimes realizes that she’s about to fall asleep and decides to do something about it. But last night was different. After she sat up she twisted out of my arms so that she was sitting on the bed with her back to me. She then proceeded to talk towards the wall, between the changing table and bookcase. I have no idea what she was saying, it was all baby babble, but she was definitely talking to someone. She would occasionally look back at me, and then turn back to the wall and continue to talk. After a bit she started signing “dog” as well, again and again, just like she does when she sees a dog on the street. Had I been unable to see what she was looking at, I would have assumed she was talking to someone standing there, someone holding a dog.

When Corinne was an infant, less than six months old, she would lie in her cradle swing and start intently at a spot near the ceiling next to the same bookcase.

Even before Corinne was born Raelene and I felt that there was someone in the house with us. I think Corinne met him or her last night, and hopefully made friends.

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