One Awesome Weekend

Wow, what a weekend!

Corinne decided that the pelican garden statue was both a duck and a riding toy.
Corinne decided that the pelican garden statue was both a duck and a riding toy.

Saturday we went to a super casual wedding reception picnic in honor of our friends Becca an Steve, who were recently married. It was in Tilden park in the Berkeley Hills, and the weather was cool yet beautiful. There was lots of good food with some great company, including The Urban Housewife‘s totally awesome vegan lemon cupcakes. Did I say they were awesome? Yum! The picnic ended with a ride on the Tilden Park Merry-Go-Round. Corinne wasn’t so sure what to make of the carousel, and sort of alternately screamed and cried and clapped and giggled. She seemed to enjoy the ride, however, and maybe next time we’ll get her on an animal that doesn’t move instead of just sitting on one of the carved benches.

On Sunday we drove down to Santa Cruz for a busy day of visiting with family and friends and celebrating Andre’s birthday. We started off having brunch with my sister and her boyfriend at a bakery near my sister’s place. Corinne decided she really wanted a bouncy cow sold in one of the boutiques in the little shopping area, and Andre enjoyed the sun and eating table scraps. We then crossed town and went to a vegan pot-luck at our friend Amey’s house, where Corinne played with balls and flowers and a garden statue of a pelican while Andre hung out with the six other dogs there and then fell asleep on the couch. After the pot-luck drove towards the center of town and saw our friend Steve, who has been trapped inside his house for the past couple of weeks recovering from knee surgery. Corinne took a nap on Daddy while Andre curled up next to Steve. We were hoping to go to the beach and see my sister again as well, but the day got ahead of us and so we ended up grabbing dinner at Dharma’s and then heading home. Corinne and Andre both enjoyed the food, and then slept through the drive home.

The only real downside of the weekend was I had a horrible allergy attack on Sunday, and ended up taking several Benadryl throughout the day and before bed. Raelene and I both hate Benadryl hangovers, and I have one this morning and I’m sure Raelene does too. Allergies are no fun. 🙂

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