A very nice evening.

Raelene and I had a very nice anniversary evening out. We went to Cha-Ya, a vegan Japanese restaurant in Berkeley, and had a wonderful dinner of sushi rolls and fried mushrooms. Yum! We also exchanged gifts, and Raelene bought me a really cool set of red jasper 12mm dice. I bought her some stuff that smells good from L’Occitane and a couple of DVDs, which she seems to enjoy. 🙂 Corinne stayed with friends for the few hours we were gone, and apparently had a blast. I guess there was a few minutes of crying, but overall she just played and played and played and played. Yay! It’s so much nicer knowing we can leave her with sitters for short periods of time without her having a complete meltdown. Thank you so much Hannah, James, and Wren for watching our little one! And thank you Raelene for a really special dinner date. I love you sweetie.

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