Short Week Wednesday

Last night Raelene and I watched Milk, which was amazing. I can see why Sean Penn wont the Oscar for best actor, and it should have won best film as well. We can look back at that time, when minorities were fighting for the same rights as the majority, and wonder how people could be so backward and mean spirited back then. My hope is that Corinne will, in 30 years, look back on the debate over same sex marraige going on today with that same sense of horror at how unenlightened we are now.

Speaking of Corinne, Raelene asked her if she wanted to go to the beach today, and Corinne answered by signing “sand”. She’s a smart one. 🙂

This past weekend was fun. On Saturday we went to the Pinole Farmer’s Market and did housework. On Sunday we visited some friends in Sacramento who have a toddler a few month’s older than Corinne. It was fun watching the two of them play together, although Corinne was cranky through most of it because she refused to nap on the way there in the car. We stopped off at the outlet stores in Vacaville on the way home, and managed to get out of the Le Cruset outlet empty handed (mostly because there’s a huge sale happening next month, and we wanted to wait for that). Monday was more house cleaning, and I fired up the grill for dinner. I enjoyed grilling again, that was a lot of fun.

Next weekend I have a Godlike game on Sunday, but that’s about it for organized stuff. It’s been a month and a half I think since I’ve played anything, so I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully I will be able to do something nice for Raelene as a thank you.

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