Nice Weekend

Raelene, Corinne, and I had a very nice weekend. On Sunday we went to a “pre-mother’s day” party hosted by one of the moms from Raelene’s Moms group. Corinne got into a bit of a scuffle with one of the other babies and ended up getting bitten on the arm pretty badly. The bite didn’t break the skin, but Corinne was inconsolable for about 20 minutes and she still has a bruise. What can you do, though, babies will be babies, and you can’t really punish a 16-month old.

Sunday was Mother’s day, and I had fun trying to pamper Raelene some. She certainly deserved it. 🙂 Her “gift” was the day, and she was encouraged to sleep in as late as she wanted. Once up I made her pancake breakfast (Thank you No Whey for the vegan pancake recipe!), and then later in the afternoon we went for a walk down by the Miller Knox shoreline. We had dinner at a nice little vegan restaurant in Point Richmond, and Raelene took a nice soothing bath that night. She seemed to enjoy the day, and I can say for sure it was quite a bit better than last year when I got deathly ill on Mother’s Day and she had to take care of me. 🙁

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