Little Miss Crankypants

Corinne is fourteen months today, and apparently that means waking up early, refusing to nap, and getting upset about all sorts of little things. I think it’s time to watch The Happiest Toddler on the Block DVD and get some ideas on how to deal with this phase.

Challenges aside, Corinne is getting even better with her sign language and is very aware of her surroundings.  On our walks, she’ll point out everything she sees: birds, helicopters, clouds, trees, cats, dogs, and flowers.  She shows very little stranger anxiety and she seems very happy when people interact with her.  She’s insanely cute and lots of fun, even if she is going through a phase.

We don’t have anything too outrageous planned for the weekend.  Tomorrow we will be getting together with some of  my mom’s group friends for an early Mother’s Day lunch, and rumor has it that Sunday will involve sleeping in and some sort of excursion.  I’m looking forward to it!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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