Another nice weekend

The family and I had another nice, if not incredibly hot, weekend. On Saturday we went to a vegan picnic at a park in San Francisco, where we saw some old friends, met some awesome new people, and had some terrific food. Yum! Raelene, Corinne, and I came in on BART, and Corinne seemed to really enjoy the train even if she did get a bit cranky after a while. After the picnic was over we went back to a friends house where Corinne entertained everyone with her sugary sweet cuteness. She’s quite the vegan/kosher ham. 🙂 Before heading home we stopped off at Ferry Park and introduced Corinne to the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. I also asked Raelene to marry me again (we got engaged standing under the parrots), and she said yes! Yay! Yay for love!

We spent Sunday morning and early afternoon cleaning house, but by 2PM we’d had enough of the heat and so decided to head off for the mall. The mall is, well, the mall, and not a place either of us really like to be. But Raelene found a few cute shirts for the toddler, and we stocked up on holiday cards, so it wasn’t too bad. By the time we left it had cooled off considerably, so we went straight home to air out the house. The evening was so nice I took Corinne out for a walk, but that meant she ended up going to bed much later than normal, around 9PM! She was fine though, and from what I hear she even slept in some this morning.

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