There is not a whole lot new to report, which should come as no surprise since I write that a lot.  Corinne is doing well, babbling and toddling and signing and quite happy most of the time. She’s 13 months old today. Yea! We’re still having sleep issues, and she still not anywhere near sleeping through the night. In fact she’s no where near sleeping through part of the night. It’s hard, especially on Raelene, so if you have advice please leave a comment or email one of us. 🙂

I know I promised pictures a while back, and I hope to have them up soon. There are a lot, so it’s mostly a matter of choosing the ones I want to post. After that resizing, uploading, and adding to the gallery is mostly automated. So yea, hopefully soon the pictures of our 13 month old baby wont end at 10 months. 🙂

I also want to update the look of this website. The theme was chosen more or less at random as a temporary compromise that both Raelene and I were okay with, and that was over two years ago. Yikes! I also have ideas for two other blogs that keep racing through my head that I would love to get up and running. What can I say, I guess I love to write. It’s fun, and one of the few creative outlets I have these days. 🙂

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