Weekend Fun

Hello! And thank you for reading our little family blog.

Our weekend was fun, and exactly what we thought it would be. I played in my “monthly” Godlike game on Saturday and had a blast. My character died, getting hit with a grenade followed by a 105mm incendiary artillery round. Ouch. The character was fun to play, a lot of fun actually, and I will miss him. I’m not out of the game though, and so I need to start thinking about his replacement.

On Sunday I did our taxes. We’re getting a nice sum back, which both Raelene and I are happy about. Thank you my little baby tax deduction. 🙂 Speaking of tax deductions, Corinne is starting to push her bounds a bit and give us a taste of what we’re in for when she turns two. This might be TMI, but she’s getting up off her potty and pooping and peeing on the floor. No fun. 🙁 I’ve ordered a bigger potty from Amazon.com, and hopefully standing up from it wont be quite as easy. 🙂

Other than that it was fairly quiet. Yea!

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