Standing up, not just pulling up!

Last night was the first time Corinne stood up all by herself, as opposed to using something nearby to pull herself up. I was trying to put her to bed, and she stood up in the center of her crib, without having to use the sides for support. Amazing! This morning she’s stood up a handful of times, so last night obviously wasn’t a fluke. It’s so much fun watching Corinne discover and grow and learn. I really love being a father. You go girl! 🙂

In not so much fun news, a few weeks ago Corinne had a blood test that came back suggesting she might be iron deficient. Raelene did an amazing job of feeding her iron rich foods, but the follow up visit yesterday indicated that things had gotten worse. Since the test is known to have a high false positive rate for iron deficiency, Raelene took Corinne to a lab yesterday for a more complete blood screen. We should get the results early next week. Until then both Raelene and I are going to be a bit nervous. I know she’s healthy and fine, but it’s always scary to go to the lab for followup blood work.

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