Holy smokes it’s hot!

Saturday wasn’t that bad, but Sunday was HOT! Yikes! I enjoy sunny warmth, but certainly don’t like the heat and neither does Raelene, Corinne, or Andre. Zoe is sort of ambivalent as long as there are almonds involved.

Saturday was a slow, farmers market and cleaning out the garage day. Raelene went through a number of boxes and was able to recycle a bunch of old paperwork. Yea! I pulled a bunch of old game books out and packaged them up for the Endgame auction. Corinne amazed everyone with her new standing abilities, which was pretty darn cool. And that was about it.

On Sunday we retreated from the heat by taking my old gaming stuff down to Endgame and setting it up for the action. Some of it was cool (and old) enough that I was able to sell it on the spot for cash. Sweet! Everything else will be auctioned off this weekend for store credit, and I’m hoping to make enough to buy this cool marble railway set for Corinne (although since it’s a serious choking hazard and I doubt I’ll make that much I’ll probably buy this instead  🙂 ). After Endgame we want for a nice walk at Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley, followed by an awesome dinner at Vik’s. Once things cooled down, and after Corinne went to sleep, Raelene and I did some housework and watched some television. Overall it was a productive yet also rejuvenating weekend. Those are the best kind.

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