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It looks like I’m now writing for the Alexa company blog, which is pretty darn cool. Also, to open this blog up a bit more I’ve re-enabled account creation so anyone can log in and post comments. I had turned account creation off because the site was getting hit hard by Russian spammers, but maybe it’s time to try again.

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  1. Wayne,

    I read your blog and it is good. I have a couple of questions about Alexa’s site finder. How do I filter it to look at much smaller sites like

    Also, I downloaded the Alexa toolbar a few days ago and now it seems like my internet connection is a lot slower? Is that just a coincidence?

    I can offer feedback about re-designing the Coburn site if you want.

    Thanks Bro.

  2. Well, since you know about, you might start with it’s detail page ( ). The “related links” should be a listing of similar websites that you might want to check out.

    You can also do site finder searches with a rank range of 100,000 to 10,000,000. This will find all small sites that we have data for, although given how many sites there on the web our coverage is not perfect.

    The Alexa toolbar shouldn’t make browsing slower, a LOT of work has been done to make sure of that. So my guess is it’s a coincidence, although let me know if it persists.

    Feedback on the site is great! Please do!

  3. I’m sorry to be dense but how do you do this?

    “You can also do site finder searches with a rank range of 100,000 to 10,000,000.”

    It is not apparent to me how to do a more specific or advanced search…

  4. No worries! I think this highlights something that needs to be fixed (which is what user feedback is for).

    Go to and type something into the “Find sites about” box at the top of the page. A good query might be “ecological farming”. Hit “GO”.

    At the top of the results page is a grey bar labeled “filter” that will allow you to further refine your search. Look for the filter named “with Traffic Rank between”, and set the range that you want. The lower the rank the more popular the site is, so small sites will be in the range 100,000 to 10,000,000.

    Let me know if you are still confused!

  5. Now I need advice about how to improve our rank…2,585,170 🙁

    But I’ll bug you about that later.

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