Fun Weekend!

I had a fun weekend, and I hope Raelene had a good one as well. On Saturday I did the super geeky MiniCon thing. I ran Exalted in the afternoon session, and I think it went okay. But just okay, not great. The players didn’t seem to be that into it, which is a bummer and largely my fault. Part of the fun of Exalted is the over the top creative descriptions and “stunting”, of which I did little, causing my players to follow suit.  On the other hand, I spent many hours getting things together, and the players almost immediately started criticizing things like my choice of character names (which they were free to change). So it was a tough crowd right out of the box.

I also don’t think my heart was in it as deeply as it might have once been. I still love Exalted, but it was a lot of work putting everything together and a lot of work running it. These days I find myself appreciating simpler systems a lot more. A LOT more. I would love to see a good, intelligent, semi-crunchy wuxia RPG… something like Spirit of the Century, but set in ancient China. But there’s nothing like that, so I guess I’m going to have to write it myself. Yea, right. 🙂

On Sunday, Raelene and I hung out at home and concentrated on doing housework. Or rather, Raelene concentrated on housework while I distracted and cared for Corinne. She is getting better about playing by herself, but she still wants you nearby when she does so. Sunday evening Corinne decided she wanted to play with her copy of the Necrnomicon despite the fact that it was put away up on a high shelf. She yelled until Raelene got it down for her, and then she spent the rest of the evening doing whatever a baby does with a copy of the Necronomicon. I really hope she didn’t summon anything too awful.
And that was about it! Happy Monday!

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