Weekend Adventures

The incessant rain hasn’t been stopping the three of us from having a delightful weekend together.  Yesterday, Wayne and I shared a yummy and romantic Valentine’s lunch at Cha-Am, a Thai restaurant that was one of the first places we went to when we started dating five years ago.  Thank you, Wayne, for treating me like a princess and for being my wonderful husband. I’m so lucky to be married to you!

And the fun continues! Today we were driving along, and a woman cut Wayne off and proceeded to flip him off.  If that wasn’t funny enough, we then saw her pull into a church parking lot.  Love thy neighbor!

We spent the afternoon attending a baptism for our dear little friend, Ulysses. The church was beautiful and the ceremony was very special, and afterward we  celebrated with Uly’s friends and family. The babies were entertained by the dog and all the balloons while the adults enjoyed champagne and cake.  We were honored to be able to participate in this special occasion.

After we returned home, Corinne was showing Wayne some of the new signs she can make.  When she made the sign for “baby”,  I swear I saw a little tear in her proud papa’s eye.  I hope to never forget that special moment.

Tomorrow we continue the Valentine’s weekend with a little romance in the kitchen. Blueberry pancakes for breakfast and a spicy, decadent dinner.  There may or may not be Kir involved.  Should be fun!

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