Gross and Unnerving

This morning I was eating a bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal when I found what was either a rock, bug, or petrified animal dropping floating in my soy milk. Wow, talk about disgusting… especially since I’m pretty sure it was an animal dropping. Needless to say I dumped out my unfinished bowl and threw out the rest of the box of cereal. Thank goodness my workplace provides free bagles and cream cheese. 🙂

That was the gross, the unnerving is the fact that a friend and coworker keeps finding 4-leaf clovers over by the Bay School of San Francisco. They’re all from the same area right next to the high school, and for a while we just thought it was incredible luck. Today he walked into my office with a 5-leaf clover. Now I’m not so sure it’s just luck, especially since we are in a former military installation. I am now staying away from the school, and hoping that whatever is responsible for the clovers is only under the school and not under my building as well.

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