Weekend Fun

Raelene, Corinne, and I had a fun weekend. On Saturday Corinne spent a few hours with our friends Maria, Scott, and her buddy Sagan while Raelene and I spent some quality time together. Raelene and I had lunch and ran some errands while Corinne and Sagan played and cruised around in strollers together. Fun was had by all! 🙂 Thank you Maria and Scott for watching Corinne for us. We know she’s in good hands when she’s with you.

On Sunday Raelene, Corinne, and I picked up a baby corral from freecycle and took a short walk down by the Richmond Marina. It was a beautiful day for a walk by the shore. We spent the rest of the afternoon doing chores around the house. Not the most interesting of Sundays, but a good one nonetheless.

And that was about it. Happy Monday!

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