Wow, what a weekend!

Well, the two big pieces of news are Corinne has cut her first tooth and said her first true words (I think we can add “mama” to the list ~smiles~). It’s definitely a fun time for us as parents.

On Saturday we went to a holiday party and gift exchange for Raelene’s Mom’s group. Corinne was given a hand sewn plush birds nest, complete with three eggs and two birds. It was (is) an amazing gift, and as soon as Corinne saw it her eyes lit up and she started smiling. She spent the rest of the party with a bird in each hand, first chewing on one then the other.

On Sunday we went to a 1st birthday party for one of Corinne’s friends from the PPK. Corinne and Violet had fun playing together, and it was a nice excuse for their parents to hang out and catch up as well. It was a really nice party, with platters of vegan Vietnamese spring rolls and some truly spectacular vegan cupcakes. Wow. I hazarded a red velvet cupcake, and it was yummy.

Sunday evening Corinne opened her first Hanukkah present, which was a lot of fun. It was a cute little dress and hat from her great aunt Viviane. We didn’t let her light the candles, however. She needs to be a bit older for that. 🙂

And that was about it. Happy Holidays!

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