My Name is not Bruce

My name is Wayne, but I had a great time watching the movie My Name is Bruce last night with one of the dads from Raelene’s Mom’s group. The movie was directed by and starred Bruce Campbell, best known for his roles in movies like Army of Darkness, Bubba Ho-tep, and The Evil Dead. The movie My Name Is Bruce was pretty much exactly what you would expect; self deprecating humor on the part of the star and plenty of in-jokes for fans of the star and his movies. The plot is simple, after a group of horny teens accidentally free a demon near their small, rural town, the town folks turn to washed up B-Movie actor Bruce Campbell (played by Bruce Campbell) for help. It was silly and funny and irreverent and had a Greek chorus, and I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much if I wasn’t in sold out theatre full of Bruce Campbell fans.

Why was the theatre sold out? You should check this blog more often. 🙂 Bruce Campbell himself came out after the film was over to crack jokes, insult the crowd, and answer questions. He’s a genuinely funny guy, and it added to the whole experience. Some highlight questions were, “Who has larger breasts, Kevin Sorbo or Lucy Lawless?”, “What do you think about them remaking Evil Dead?”, and “How do you think you are developing as a director?”, and “How do you rate my costume?”

Overall I am glad I was able to go. Like my father taught me growing up, interesting people are interesting because they do interesting things. And going to see B-Movie legend Bruce Campbell pimp his latest film was definitely interesting. I highly recommend the experience to anyone interested in low budget, indie cinema.

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