Baby dreams!

Wayne and I have noticed that Corinne is having dreams.  She’ll wiggle her fingers and twitch a little, and we may notice a smile or a tiny laugh.  It’s so sweet.  And speaking of sleep, Corinne’s naps are still averaging at about thirty minutes. I’m finding that if I’m nearby and soothe her right when she starts to stir, she will sometimes nap for another ten minutes or so.  I hope that someday she’ll take one or two good long naps each day, which I believe will be healthier for her, but only time will tell if that’s going to happen.

Wayne and I are still fighting this awful cold.  I’m on the mend after a visit to the doctor and a bug-blasting prescription, but Wayne is still having a tough time.  Please send healing thoughts his way.  He needs to get better so he can attend the Mickaboo holiday fundraiser and his Godlike game this weekend.  Fun times!

Stay healthy, everyone!

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