Weekend adventures

Wayne and I are having a lovely weekend so far.  Yesterday we went to El Cerrito, where Wayne went to a barber shop and got a spiffy new haircut. He much prefers going to a barber shop than one of those big chain salons where the stylist barely graduated from beauty college and doesn’t have a clue.  While he was busy with his barber experience, I shopped for a new top to wear to upcoming holiday events.  In spite of the fact that my post baby body has a strange shape, I found something I like.  We “celebrated” by going out for Banh mi, which are yummy Vietnamese-style sandwiches. They’re so good,  and I’m inspired to make some at home next week.

This morning we drove to San Rafael, where we joined up with our friends Patty and Bob for a stroll through the farmer’s market.  The weather was gorgeous and we had a delightful time talking about food, shopping for produce, and admiring Corinne.  Visiting with friends doesn’t happen quite as often now that a baby is in our lives, so it was wonderful to be able to do this.

Our biggest news: It’s official!  Corinne is crawling!  Before today, she was doing something resembling a bizarre combination of yoga and modern dance to get around, but it wasn’t quite crawling in the traditional sense.  Now she is unmistakably cruising along and really happy with herself.  We’re both delighted by her progress and terrified by how much more mischief she can get into.

Tonight and the week ahead will involve test recipes, play dates, and hopefully a little more time outside enjoying the unusually nice November climate.

We hope everyone has a great monday!

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