It’s a grey, groggy Monday.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Wayne and I had a very busy and really fun weekend.  On Saturday, we were able to watch one of Corinne’s friends for a few hours while her parents went to a movie.  That was a lot of fun, and it felt nice to be able to give mom and dad a little break.

Yesterday we went to San Francisco for a little housewarming lunch with some friends.  We were completely spoiled with the most delicious vegan meal: wilted spinach salad with beets and chanterelles,  a soul-warming mushroom soup, and lemon cheesecake with cashew cream. We felt so spoiled and loved having the chance to be among friends and sharing such incredible food.  We’re lucky!

And although we had a mostly sleepless night and a tired Monday, we’re grateful to have so much to look forward to later in the week.

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