Can walking be far behind?

Happy Monday!

We had a rainy, but for the most part okay, weekend. The rain kept Raelene and Corinne from making it down to Solano Avenue in Berkeley for Halloween. But that was fine, Corinne is a little too young for Halloween anyway. ~smiles~ Friday night we had maybe 50 trick-or-treat’ers at the house. I was amazed, I don’t think I’ve ever handed out that much candy. There was an assortment of kids in cute costumes, kids not in costume, and teens with backpacks and attitudes. The kids in costume made it fun.

It continued to rain on Saturday, which made for a short and wet trip to the farmers market for vegetables. Well, wet for me. I insisted that Mom and baby stay in the car while I did the shopping. We also went to Babies-R-Us to look at car seats, and actually received passable customer service. I was impressed. We found a convertible car seat that we liked, and one Raelene thinks she can get the baby in and out of easily. Yikes! Corinne is too big for her infant seat! It’s amazing how quickly she’s growing. 

Speaking of Corinne growing up, she’s not crawling all that well yet, but she is pulling herself up into a standing position. Oh my! And even more oh my, she’s stronger and far more stable standing than I would have expected for being just over 7 months old. I wonder how long it will be before she pulls herself up and then starts scooting along. Before Christmas? Maybe, she seems really interested in walking.

On Sunday, in addition to gaining an hour, I played in my monthly Godlike game. The game was totally and completely awesome and lots of fun, and gaining the hour wasn’t that bad either. Unfortunately, because of the holidays that’s probably the last gaming I’m going to get to do this year. But I guess that’s okay. At least I get to look forward to gaming again next year, right? ~smiles~

And I think that’s about it. Happy Monday!

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