Monday Morning Weekend Update

Good Morning! And how are you doing this fine, fine Monday morning? 🙂

Our weekend had it’s ups and downs, but overall was okay. On Saturday I was down and out because of a migraine. I ran a handful of errands and tried to help take care of Corinne as best as I could, but I wasn’t able to get anywhere near as much housework or chores done as I normally do. Raelene was wonderful and supportive, and I was able to sleep in some and take a nap. That, and the four grams of acetaminophen I was taking at a time, helped a lot.

On Sunday we went to a Halloween party, and there was maybe a dozen or so super cute babies there. It was a lot of fun. Raelene was dressed as a nerdy tourist, Corinne was an Owl, and I had a Cthulhu t-shirt on. ~smiles~ At the party there were babies dressed up as a sea anemone, a ladybug, a monkey, a pumpkin, a bumble bee, and many others I’ve forgotten. Like I said, it was super cute and a lot of fun.

Corinne also had TWO major milestone moments this weekend. No, she didn’t sleep through the night. Lord no. 🙂 However, she did pass a toy from one hand to another to play with it. She’d sort of done this before, but it was more like her two hands were fighting over something and one of them won, or two hands and her mouth all playing with the toy together. But this weekend there was a deliberate passing of a toy from one hand to another. Cool!

Another milestone was Corinne sat up all by herself. I saw the whole thing, and I’m still not sure how she did it. She started off lying on her stomach, arms and legs out, and then started rolling around. While she was rolling, short just sort of rolled up into a sitting position, but on the quilt Grandma made her, legs out, arms flapping with happiness. It was pretty cool. The baby is growing up!

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