Lucky Seven!

Corinne is seven months old today!  It’s pretty incredible how different she is even though she still sleeps like a newborn.  She’s been teething on and off for a few months now, but we have yet to see a tooth. It seems that the teething is much worse this week, so maybe we’ll get our first glimpse at a pearly white sometime soon.

Corinne has also gotten a lot more mobile.  Although she’s not actually crawling yet, it’s amazing to put her down in one spot and find her in another a minute later.  Soon she will be getting into EVERYTHING.

Dinner continues to be a highlight of Corinne’s day. In addition to cereals, we’re experimenting with bananas, avocados, and pumpkin.  Peas and sweet potatoes are next on the list of foods to try. Whatever is on the menu, we have to be prepared for her to do a raspberry once she gets a mouthful of food.  We have a little Gallagher among us!

Happy seven months, Ms. Wigglebug!

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