It’s Indigenous Peoples Day

Today we remember over 500 years of oppression, degradation and genocide of native Americans at the hands of European settlers. And while that does not seem like a good reason to have a mattress sale, well, there you go.

On a lighter note, Raelene and I had a fun and productive weekend. On Saturday we visited our friends Karen and Grace, which is always a joy. Unfortunately when the baby went down for her nap so did I, so I wasn’t much fun. But Raelene had a lot of fun, as did I before I feel asleep. 🙂

On Sunday we went house hunting again, and we found one we really, really liked. Unfortunately it turns out it’s in the Hayward school district, which was a deal breaker for us. So no making offers this week. Too bad we cannot afford a half million dollar home, and too bad my spare organs wont cover the difference, because we’ve found a couple of really nice homes I’d love to own. ~smiles~

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