Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! I hope all is well with everyone reading this. I thought I would spend today talking about some happy stuff, like how the baby is doing. Yea! It’s amazing how quickly Corinne is growing. Everyone talks about how quickly kids grow up, but it’s definitely something you need to experience first hand to really appreciate.

Corinne still isn’t sleeping through the night, not by a long shot. But she is getting better about going back to sleep after she wakes up screaming. Or maybe Raelene and I are simply more skilled at quieting her down.It’s hard to tell. She doesn’t have any teeth yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

She can sit up like a pro, and has been for a while now. She’s also grabbing at things around her, usually to put them into her mouth. The other night she grabbed a cookie from a cooling rack (it had fully cooled), and Raelene and I noticed when we turned around and saw her gumming it. We’re much more careful now.

Corinne isn’t crawling yet, but she’s trying to. She can lift herself up off the ground on her hands and knees for a handful of seconds, and she can roll around and scoot herself backwards like a pro. She’s also staring to grab things and attempt to pull herself up, so we have to be very careful of what she’s sitting next to. She’s going to be crawling and then walking soon. Yikes!

She babbles a lot, and has a lot to say. She takes after her mother that way. 🙂 She doesn’t seem to have made the connection yet that she can make a noise and have it refer to something (basic word use), but she does react to words with understanding. When you ask here where Andre or Zoe or Daddy is, she usually turns and looks at either Andre or Zoe or Daddy.

She smiles a LOT, and at everyone. She also squeals and flaps her arms and kicks her legs and is a very happy baby. Well, happy most of the time. ~smiles~

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