Yikes! Where have all the posts gone?

Here’s a quick update on what’s been going on in the Coburn Family household.

Corinne is 6 months old now, and incredibly cute. She’s still not sleeping all that much, either during the day or at night, which is rough. But Raelene and I are surviving. Raelene, the freecycle queen, found us a jumperoo and an exersaucer. Corinne loves both, especially the songs and sounds of the exersaucer and jumping up and down in the Jumperoo. If I get the time I will try to post some videos of her jumping around.

Raelene and Corinne both have been fighting colds. If you can send positive, cold fighting thoughts our way, we would really appreciate it. 🙂

Overall my health is good, and I’m feeling fine. It’s still a constant battle with the numbers, though. I need to be measuring and recording more than I am, but it’s difficult to find the time.

Last Saturday we had a lot of fun at a PRAM BBQ. I’m not sure what PRAM stands for, but I do know it is a Richmond area parents group. If we end up staying in the Point Richmond/El Cerrito area, we will certainly become much more involved in PRAM.

On Sunday we went to a party thrown by our friends Jeremy and Alicia. It was Alicia’s birthday, and Jeremy hired a Mariachi band to play and he even sang several songs with them for her. It was awesome, and all the husbands and boyfriends were put to shame. Except for me, because I’m insanely romantic like that as well. What? I am! Honest! Stop laughing…

Tomorrow is International Talk Like A Pirate day. Be sure to talk like a pirate.

And that’s about it! Happy Thursday!

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