Why does Google think our blog is about orangutan nipple piercings?

I was using the Google Webmaster’s tools to view the keyword results for this site, “coburn-family.net”, and saw some rather disturbing things. Below is a listing of keyword searches that people did in July (words and phrases people have typed into Google) that “coburn-family.net” appeared in as a result.

# % Query Position
5 3% zombler 4
20 <1% coburn family 4
13 1% mickaboo wiki 6
18 1% coburn wiki 7
4 4% vegan porn 10
17 1% lunars 11
10 2% orangutan nipples 16
11 2% lunar exalted 21
9 2% guy nipple piercing 26
7 2% girl nipple piercing 32
2 9% exalted 52
19 1% nipple piercing video 90
14 1% nipplepiercing 91
8 2% game map 126
6 2% nipple peircing 129
1 57% nipple piercing 140
12 2% funny map 145
15 1% nipple pierce 159
16 1% “nipple piercing” 190
3 6% nipple piercings 264

Some of the results make sense, but others make me scratch my head. I mean, I’m fairly certain that niether “piercing” nor “orangutan” appear anywhere on the coburn-family.net domain. If you use the “site:coburn-family.net” option in Google’s own search, you certainly do not find those words. And yet, at one time we were on the second page of results for the search “orangutan nipples” and on the third page of results for “guy nipple piercing”. Yikes! I’m not sure why people are searching for orangutan nipples, but I am sure I don’t want them paging through our photo galleries.

The Internet is a very strange place, and indexing it in a coherent way is no easy task (just look at the fiasco that is cuil.com). My guess is Google is matching keywords on our site with keywords found on other sites to get some sort of meta description of what our site and others like it are about. No matter what they are doing, the way Google associates content with search terms can obviously be greatly improved.

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