Pamplemousse, silly goose!

Yes, I know we talk so much about how parenthood means a huge lack of sleep and a whole lot of work, but the payoff is thoroughly amazing and so much fun. Two weeks ago, Corinne discovered her feet and totally delights in grabbing her toes and putting them in her mouth. Also, in the past month or two, she’s been making these adorable sounds that were the beginning of giggles. And just today, those practice giggles became unmistakably real. Oh, the joy! A laughing baby is all a mother needs to forget her troubles and truly delight in her child. And in case you were wondering what made our daughter laugh so much, we were speaking French to her. Who knew that baguettes, chocolat, and pamplemousse could be so darn funny!

I know when she gets a little older, Corinne will bring home drawings, painted rocks, and little flowers from the yard, and those will be precious to me. But right now the absolute best gift she gives her mommy is her glowing smile and those heartwarming giggles. I may not have a lot of money or a fancy house, but I’m the richest person in the world when I’m with my happy baby.

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