Happy Friday!

We had a delightful visit with my grandmother, aunt, and cousin this past week and it was really great introducing them to Corinne, who simply loved all the extra attention.  Since a visit from my east coast relatives is rare, we took advantage of the situation and had a small baby blessing and picnic with them along with Wayne’s parents and a few other friends and family.  It was a truly delightful afternoon spent at a local park, and it was really special welcoming  Corinne to the world among people who truly adore her. It warms our hearts to know that she is surrounded by so much love from her family and community.

My family returned home yesterday, and the house is much quieter and not nearly as much fun as it was before. And although we’re sad that everyone is gone, we have wonderful memories.

Check out our photo gallery, where we have pictures of Corinne enjoying her first bowl of oatmeal in her brand new highchair.  Too cute!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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