Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Here are a few quick updates.

Things are still out of whack for me health wise, but it’s not as serious as it was earlier in the week. I’m trying to take it easy, I’m being very careful about what I eat, and I’m trying to get as much sleep exercise as I possibly can.

Sleep is still tough on both of us. We’re trying a modified version of the sleeping arrangement the mom’s group came up with, and it doesn’t seem to be making things any worse. Last night the baby was inconsolable unless she was being held, so I tried to sooth her for a good hour or so. Finally I put her on her tummy, like babies used to sleep, and she stopped crying immediately. Whoo hoo! And even better, she slept a good chunk of the evening and into the night on her tummy. Yea! She’s almost at the age when she’ll be rolling over to her tummy on her own anyway, so I have a feeling we just discovered a nice new trick to help calm her down.

Work is going well. I’m part of our general migration to Amazon.com’s cloud computing platform, and things continue to be ahead of schedule. I have personal reservations about how well things are going to work in the cloud, but so far everything is going really well. It’s also a heck of a lot of fun.

It’s been a while since I’ve gamed, which is a little depressing. But there’s probably going to be a D&D game at work next week, and Fred Hicks will be signing books at Endgame Wednesday evening. So at least I might be around some gaming, if only for a short time. 🙂

I think that’s about it! At least for me.

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