Bump in the road

I hurt my foot a few weeks ago. The fact that the rest of my body has been compensating combined with the fact that I’ve had to eliminate any extra walking put me at risk for a back injury. Yesterday I bent over to pick up one of Corinne’s toys, and my back went out. In addition to the physical pain, it hurts me to know I can’t lift the baby or interact with her in the way we’re accustomed to.

Wayne has been a tremendous help by handling all the lifting and diaper changes while I ice my back and try to recover. In between tasks, he’s in the office working away. I feel pretty bad that he has to wear both his “daddy” hat and his “Alexa” hat without much of a break, and at the same time I’m so appreciative that he’s so willing to step up and do what’s necessary. I’m married to a great guy who cares deeply about his family, and seeing him in action makes me love him more and more.

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