Nice long weekends are nice

Raelene and I had a nice 3-day holiday weekend. Raelene bought me a really nice charcoal barbecue for Father’s Day, and it finally arrived last Thursday. On Friday I assembled it, and then grilled up a really nice 4th of July dinner. It was a lot of fun to be playing with fire again like that.  🙂

On Saturday we took the baby to the Pinole farmer’s market and bought a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. We also found a new source of really good tofu, Tofu Yu. We bought some tofu “pasta” and a big block of extra firm tofu. Good stuff.

On Sunday I grilled again, including a large pile of fresh farmer’s market veggies for us to eat during the week. I also did a number of chores around the house, including hanging the nice, monogrammed quilt we bought for the baby. I still need to tackle the yards. Maybe next weekend.

And that was about it for our weekend. Nothing too exciting, but fun and even a little restful nonetheless.

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