Corinne Loves the Movies!

Raelene and I took Corinne to the movies last night, and she loved it! She sat on my lap and stared at the screen for a good long time before finally conking out on my chest. And the best part? No one cared that we had a baby with us in the theatre. That’s right! Heck, Corinne wasn’t even the only baby in the theatre. We took advantage of “Baby Brigade” at the Cerrito Speakeasy Theatre in El Cerrito, where babies of all ages are welcome every Tuesday night. The staff doesn’t quite dim the lights all the way, so you can watch the movie and take care of your baby. The theatre itself has couches and tables and comfy chairs, so it’s very family friendly. And they serve beer and real (not standard theatre) food! It’s a great place to see a movie even on a non-Baby Brigade night.

We saw The Visitor, and independent film about a man who returns to New York to find a couple living in his apartment. It was a really good movie, and as I said Corinne certainly enjoyed it. In two weeks it’ll be Mama Mia, and we’re planning on seeing of Corinne enjoys that as well. I imagine Mama Mia is going to be considerably louder than The Visitor, but hopefully she wont mind.

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