Corinne Loves the Movies!

Raelene and I took Corinne to the movies last night, and she loved it! She sat on my lap and stared at the screen for a good long time before finally conking out on my chest. And the best part? No one cared that we had a baby with us in the theatre. That’s right! […]

Birthdays are Fun

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank my wife for the wonderful birthday. We recently discovered clips from the Flight of the Conchords TV Series DVD on YouTube, and have been laughing hysterically watching them. So my thoughtful wife bought me not one, but 2 Flight of the Conchords CDs to listen to. […]


Raelene and I had a busy weekend. On Saturday we had a picnic with our friends Steve and Marsha. Originally it was going to be at the Berkeley Marina, but the kite festival there (and the crowds associated with it) made us relocate. We ended up at Cordonices Park, near the Berkeley Rose Garden, and […]