Out little girl is growing up(?)!

Another milestone! For the first time, Corinne spent the night in her crib. Yes, she woke up, as usual, every two hours, but when she went to sleep it was in her crib instead of her cradle swing. This is a big deal to us because she won’t fit into the cradle swing for much longer, plus after almost three months of naps and nighttimes, the rechargeable batteries we use to run it are losing their oomph (that pink bunny with the drum is starting to get tired). A baby swing is perhaps one of the best gadgets we bought before Corinne’s arrival. Recommended by a lot of folks (including pediatrician Harvey Karp), they help recreate the womb motions that little ones have gotten accustomed to in those long nine months. Silence and stillness are unfamiliar and often uncomfortable.

We won’t be putting away the swing just yet. Just like with many other milestones, we expect Corinne will want to go back to her old ways temporarily before fully embracing her new sleeping arrangement. Nevertheless, this is pretty thrilling for the proud parents.

In other news, we had a pretty nice weekend. I was able to go to the farmers market and make a couple of veggie lasagnas. Wayne got a new pedometer and has been having a blast testing it out. More about that in a future post.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. It’s great to catch up on your updates, see some pictures, and hear how everything is going with you two and your beautiful little girl.

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