Lots of Updates!

I have a handful of updates this morning, so let’s get started.

First, my father’s hand surgeries went very well, and he’s healing quickly. It sounds like he’ll be back working in his shop in no time.

Zoe had a vet appointment on Saturday, and she is very healthy as well. Dr. Speer also had some really good advice on how to keep Zoe healthy and happy with the new baby in the house. So far there hasn’t been any issues around Zoe and the baby, and I would like to keep it that way.

I picked up the new stroller on Sunday, and took it and the baby for a test spin around the neighborhood. It’s nice… really nice. It should make taking Corinne along with me when I go for walks much easier, which in turn means it will happen more often. ~smiles~

Corinne and Raelene made sure I had a wonderful father’s day. Corinne bought me a couple of books that I can read to her at night, and Raelene bought me a really, really nice charcoal grill/barbecue. When Raelene and I decided to start eating vegan, I lost most of my drive to grill. But now that my new diet includes some animal protein, I can start playing with fire again. I am really looking forward to it.

The baby is growing and developing like crazy. She’s realized she has hands, and although she’s not reaching for things yet she certainly is grabbing them. She’s learning that not everything is a dire, life and death emergency, which is making things easier. She’s discovered her voice, and enjoys babbling away in baby talk. She’s also doing a lot better when she goes out, and even enjoys hanging out in the Moby wrap with mom.

Oh, and baby let us sleep for 5 hours straight Saturday night. Yea! That was awesome, totally awesome. I really hope that is something we will get to experience more of in the weeks to come, because chronic exhaustion, wrong trains, missed stops, and regular hallucinations are no fun.

Last, but certainly not least, I had the chance to play the new 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons last Thursday. It was a lot of fun, and I really like the new system. I hope I get the chance to play again soon.

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  1. As long as you keep taking me out for awesome walks, I’ll *think* about giving you a little more sleep at night. Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Er…I mean…goo goo gaga!

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