Three weeks old!

It’s hard to believe that Corinne is already three weeks old. Our little one is growing up so fast! Her cheeks have gotten a little chubby and she has that adorable round baby belly. Corinne is also much more alert and interested in her surroundings. She loves to watch us as we talk and sing to her. Yes, she keeps us on our toes ’round the clock, but she’s a true joy and the love of our lives.

Tomorrow, Wayne returns to work, and it will be an adjustment for us all. Thank goodness I’ve had some time to prepare. I’ve gotten the hang of taking the baby out in the stroller and walking the dog at the same time, and I’m more comfortable using the car seat, so we’ll be able to get some fresh air every day and go for rides in the car as needed. I imagine that these little things will get easier over time and with more practice.

Be sure to check out the latest gallery photos, where you can see pictures of Corinne meeting some of her family members for the first time. The photos with a very happy Grandma are not to be missed! Priceless!

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