What a week!

Thank goodness it’s over. Whew! šŸ™‚

For Raelene’s birthday I promised to buy her a humidifier, which should help both with the pregnancy and when she’s sick. We also picked up a spare bed for the guest room/office/eventual nursery, so people have a place to sleep when they visit. This weekend I am going to create space in the spare bedroom for the bed, plus work on getting the master bedroom organized and ready for baby. Yikes! The baby should be here in 4 weeks! Raelene’s truck is at the body shop, and we should get it back at the end of next week. Yea! We’re still not sure who the insurance is going to blame for the accident, but given that he backed into her my guess is we’re not to blame. This weekend Raelene and I are going to visit our good friends Karen and Grace to celebrate Raelene’s and Grace’s birthdays. They were born 50 years and a day apart. Amazing. And that’s about it!

Have a great weekend, and see you again on Monday.

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