My friends are amazing. My husband is amazing.

Wayne and I had a most productive and busy weekend. On Saturday, we drove to San Jose to visit with our dear friends Karen and Grace. Karen cooked up a very special birthday meal, and Grace and I were both treated like royalty for a few hours. The birthday party was fun as always, and we are so grateful to have such extraordinary friends. Karen and Grace are very much family to us, and their love, support and laughter over the years mean the world to us both.

On Sunday, Wayne spent the day moving stuff around and getting our office/guest room set up. The house still needs a lot of attention and organization before the baby gets here, but I’m so amazed by how much Wayne was able to accomplish in one day. We now have a guest bed set up so friends and family can come to visit us and the baby, and we now have the baby swing all set up so Miss Wigglebug will feel right at home. Yea for amazing husbands!

Even though I can’t keep up with Wayne these days, I was able to unpack a couple of boxes, organize my desk, and try out a test recipe. That’s right, my favorite vegan cookbook authors are at it again….this time it’s a cookie cookbook! I made a batch of “banana everything” cookies, which I’m happy to say were so delicious that there aren’t many left. It’s tough to go wrong when you have oatmeal, nuts, and chocolate chips hanging out together in a sugary dough.

We hope everyone has a terrific week!

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  1. Raelene and Wayne;
    please update the site as much as you can so I can hear news from the baby.
    miss you all. cheers from a hot and sunny Brazil.

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