We Still Love the Car!

We still love our Honda Element! Yea! It’s an awesome car, and I can’t wait to bring the baby home in it. 🙂 I am also very relieved to know that we have a family car in general, and one we can hose out to boot.

Other than that, very little new is going on. We’re still unpacking the house, slowly but surely, and getting ready for the baby. Last night was our last childbirth preparation class, so I guess we’re ready to bring home a baby. Yikes! We will continue to review the material while we get the last few pieces in place. I still need to assemble the crib, but hopefully that wont take more than an hour or two. The changing table is at my parents house, and I believe is ready to go. We have a car, a car seat, stroller, and a huge pile of books. The only big thing lacking now is a baby!

Tomorrow evening I’m scheduled to play in an Unhallowed Metropolis game at Endgame. UM is a Victorian Gothic RPG, and it looks really cool. I’m looking forward to playing. It’s been a while.

Zoe is doing very well being in a one parrot house. With the foster birds moving through, I’d forgotten how relaxed and fun to be around she could be. It’s a good lesson learned, because I’m sure Zoe will be feeling overwhelmed once the baby arrives. I am going to have to make extra sure she doesn’t feel forgotten.

Andre is also doing fine. Raelene bought some steps to make it easier for him to jump up into bed, which is pretty much where he sleeps now. It’s cold these days, and I’m sure his old bones appreciate the extra warmth of the covers and humans in the bed.

That’s about it. Happy Wednesday!

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