I think I like Google Calendar

As Raelene and I were getting ready for the new year, and were in need of a new calendar, I suggested we try using the new Google Calendar. I was skeptical about it actually working for us, mostly because something that’s only available online is utterly useless when you don’t have a computer with Internet access handy. On the other hand, it’s a calendar we can both access easily from anywhere with Internet access, and paper calendars are utterly useless unless you happen to have it with you.

I know it’s only the middle of January, but the online Google calendar has already proven to be very, very useful. Raelene and I set it up so that she has a calendar, I have a calendar, and we have a joint calendar… and we can both see and modify all three. It’s easy to use, quick to load, and we’re both online enough that it’s proving to be a good way to keep track of things. I’m also getting my daily scheduler emailed to me each morning, email and text message reminders of upcoming events, and I can even view our calendars from just about anywhere using my phone. And the best part is we can both view and modify the calendars while I’m at work and she’s at home, something you cannot do with a paper calendar.

So yea, I think I like Google Calendar….

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