Fridays I’m in Love

Well, truth be told I’m in love with my wife every day. But Friday is no exception. 🙂

Another week is behind us, as are most of our prenatal classes. We are taking an infant CPR class tomorrow, and then we finish up the Baby Care class on Monday, and that’s it. We’ll “officially” be ready to bring home a child.

Yea, right. 🙂

My next big task is getting the house in order. We still have boxes piled up all over the place, which is starting to get old. But now that classes are over, I can start spending more time in the evenings unpacking boxes and moving things around. It shouldn’t take too long to turn the house into a home, it just needs to be done and I need to make it a priority.

Raelene and I are still unsure about what we want to do for a family car. I still like the Honda Element because it has a LOT more cargo room than the RAV4, I fit in it better, I think it drives better, and it’s a lot cheaper. Raelene, on the other hand, doesn’t like the visibility in the Element (it’s a little hard to see out of), is uncomfortable with the fact that the Element doesn’t have a middle seat to strap a car-seat into, and in general prefers Toyota’s to all other cars. It’s a tough one, but given that Raelene will be driving the car more than I will, we’re probably going to be buying a used (and therefore less expensive) RAV4.

And that’s about it, at least for now. Happy Friday!

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