Car Shopping

Happy MLK Day!

The last, biggest hurdle Raelene and I have to pass before the baby is born is buying a family car. Yesterday Raelene and I test drove a Toyota RAV4 and a Honda Element, and we liked them both. Unfortunately the Toyota dealership we went to was a bit, well, they listed the Kelly Bluebook price of the certified pre-owned RAV4 we were interested in at $2k above the highest Kelly Bluebook value for that car…. and they were asking $2k over that. If we do decide to buy a Toyota, it will be from a different dealership. 🙂 I’m not sure if it matters, though, as I really liked the Honda Element. On the other hand, Raelene isn’t quite as sold on the Honda as I am, so no final decisions have been made. The good thing is we’ve narrowed it down to one of two cars, both of which would make both of us happy. Now it’s just a matter of deciding which one is the best fit for our family, and what type of deal we can get.

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