Back to Normal Updates

Now that the holidays are over, I’m going to see if I can’t get back to normal M/W/F updates again. Feel free to bug me if I fall behind again. 🙂

So, what’s new? A better question is, what isn’t new. Raelene and I have moved out of our 3rd floor apartment and into a house. Yea! Being on the 3rd floor was getting very difficult for Raelene, and once the baby arrives it was going to be even more difficult. The house is also larger, and the rent considerably cheaper per month, so overall it was a very good move. It’s a 15 minute walk to BART, so I am going to start commuting by train instead of bus. It’s easier to sleep on the bus, but BART is faster and far more predictable about when it arrives. This also means no more watching AC Transit buses on my line on pass while I sit in traffic by because I got on a bus with a bad driver. Before the holidays that was happening at an alarming rate (several times a week, despite my efforts to change when I left to try and avoid the slow drivers).

Raelene and I are also out of the parrot fostering business, at least for now. Jasper, the conure from the San Francisco flock, was adopted by a woman who lives in southern California, and he seems to be thriving there. Kiwi, the ringneck parakeet, has moved on to another foster home that is a little better equipped to handle her. As for us, with a baby due in early March we thought it best to stop fostering for the time being. It is going to be difficult enough juggling a baby, a dog, and a parrot, we don’t need to make it more so.

Speaking of the dog and parrot, both are doing very well in the new place. During the move, both were unsure about what was going on. But once we moved them (and us) to the new house, they settled right in. Andre, the dog, has taken to hanging out in the bathroom. It’s weird, yes, but he seems to enjoy it for some reason. Zoe is in the living room with a view of the outside world. Once spring is here, we plan on putting up some bird feeders so that she will have entertainment during the day.

The baby is doing well, and everything is on track for an early March birth. Yea! We still have a lot of stuff to do to prepare, but we’re chipping away at it. The biggest things left are preparing the house (which mostly means unpacking) and buying a car. Yikes! But we’ll manage. Sometime in the next week or so we’ll be buying some of the big items, like stroller, carseat, swing, crib mattress, etc. It’s hard to believe that the baby is almost here!

That’s about it for now, I guess. More Wednesday!

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